Americans Petition to Change Date of Halloween

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Have you heard about the petition going around in the US that calls for the federal government to change the date of Halloween?

Well, the support for the change of date is growing, with over 120,000 signatures in favour of shifting Halloween to the last Saturday of October.

Americans say that moving Halloween to a Saturday is safer for children, rather than going trick or treating at night during the week.

The Halloween & Costume Association started the petition on, and now Snickers is onboard for the date change; their parent company, Mars Inc., has pledged to give away 1 million free Snickers bars if the petition goes through.

After receiving both positive and negative feedback to the suggested date change, the HCA is now looking to instead start a National Trick or Treat Day, which would take place on the last Saturday of October, and it will be a day where “Americans can participate in community parades, throw neighborhood block parties and opt for daytime Trick or Treating”, HCA Chairman Kevin Johnson told USA Today.

What are your thoughts?

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