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Countdown 2020

Even though this year has been challenging, we’ve had music to help get us through it! Help us put together our #Countdown2020 lists by voting for YOUR favorites in the following categories [...]

Chris Stapleton Is Ready For A 2020 Christmas

Chris Stapleton (NOW Country’s Featured Artist Of The Week) will perform on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE tonight. But he has a 2020 style Holiday album coming out…(sort of). -Brian Cook

Chris Stapleton – FAOTW

This week’s feature artist is Chris Stapleton and we are now one day away from the release of his fourth studio album, Starting Over. We started the week by highlighting songs from his debut [...]

The New “DUNE” Trailer Dropped Today!

The epic science fiction books of Frank Herbert will get what is hoped to be a proper visual telling in Canadian director Denis Villeneuve‘s (“Arrival”, “Bladerunner [...]

Roll The Dice & Win Something Nice!

Tune in to NOW Country all day long, all week long for your chances to win our #RollTheDiceForSomethingNice Contest! You’ll be pitted against another listener to see who’s got the [...]


A New Satire Trailer of “Jurassic Park” where they replaced all the dinosaurs with Pee Wee Herman is stupid funny. So of course I love it. If you need a good laugh today here ya go: