Moosehead Breweries is Going Green!

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Moosehead Breweries is going green! And not in the environmental sense..

One of the oldest and largest independently owned breweries in Canada has teamed up with a company called Sproutly, a producer of pharmaceutical grade water-soluble cannabis.

Their mission? To create a cannabis-infused beverage with “rapid onset and offset effects.”

The new line of drinks will contain no alcohol, taste great and provide a “controllable cannabis experience lasting up to 90 minutes.”

So instead of pounding back a half dozen beer only to wake up with a hangover the next morning, maybe you want to try a cold, cannabis-infused bevvie, catch a quick buzz, and have a wonderful sleep! If that’s your kinda thing.

No word on when the cannabis drinks will hit the market, but the legalization of cannabis edibles is expected in Canada by October 17th.

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