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Roz is a life-long music lover of all genres and a recent graduate of a Radio and Television Broadcaster program in Winnipeg. Her passion for all things music brought her to the city to acquire a college diploma in broadcasting and she soon found herself interning at NOW Country! Upon completing the internship, Roz landed a position at NOW as host of the mid day show! Roz believes that music is the strongest form of magic and transcends the boundaries of hearts and minds.
Tune in To MidDays With Roz weekdays from 10a -1p and keep those mid day blues away!



At 6 months he was found inside a cauliflower. His first musical instrument was a broken comb and a dirty piece of Kleenex. He promptly formed a band called The Cauliflower Boys. Sadly, he was the sole member.

As a child he had few friends so he had lots of time to practice broadcasting in his room. Alone. An empty corn can was his microphone and his stuffed animals, his audience. Brian’s family moved a lot. But he kept finding them.

Brian has been a jock at Power 97, CITI FM, FREQ and Hot 103 until they found where he was hiding and had him escorted out of the building.

We haven’t found him yet. Hobbies include cooking, chasing squirrels, and watching the Simpson’s with all the people that live in his head.

Other careers have included Wal-Mart greeter, the drive-through boy at McDonalds and shoe cleaner at the bowling alley.

He was dismissed from the bowling alley for sniffing the shoes. Future plans include changing his name to Onob (Bono was taken)

He can be heard on The Brian Cook Show – weekdays from 1 to 6pm, Sponsored by Rick Therrien at Jim Gauthier Chevrolet! !