Terminator: Dark Fate Footage Revealed

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Let’s be real…”Terminator Genisys” (2015) was not the greatest, however, Paramount Pictures will revisit the beloved action story with the upcoming “Terminator: Dark Fate” in the fall. Paramount presented the first trailer for “Dark Fate” at CinemaCon, which left a positive impression on the press.

One of the clips shared featured Linda Hamilton interrupting a fight between two Terminators. Hamilton’s Sarah Connor fires a bazooka saying, “I’ll be back.” (Bad ass)

Original franchise director James Cameron is producing the movie and worked closely with filmmaker Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) to relaunch the franchise with “Dark Fate,” which will serve as a direct sequel to Cameron’s “The Terminator” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

Paramount Pictures will release “Terminator: Dark Fate” in theaters nationwide November 1.

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